The more people I meet, the more I like trees.

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I have to go food shopping on my own tonight…
If I don’t make it back alive, tell my hockey team I love them.

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My life summed up in one fancy looking photoset.

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New ‘do, new threads.
How do I look?

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My inbox counter is up to over 100 and I blame you keziahahale.  Ever time I log on with my phone I’m like “OH 106 MESSAGES!” and I forget how many there were the last time I checked and I get really excited, only to be disappointed that the only thing waiting for me is a message from you admitting to being a goose.

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Spending $12.5 billion on new aircraft, this is truly a government serious about cuts.


By “the labour government fucked the budget” Tony Abbott meant that they didn’t spend our money the way he would.

We were actually paying our way out of our debt and Tony Abbott has just fucked that in the ass for a couple of supersonic hunks of metal.

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But what if goalies could be captains


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this is the kind of selfie i can believe in


this is the kind of selfie i can believe in

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Because PeopleCheck have taken more than 2 weeks to even start LOOKING at my background screening information, I don’t get to start at Zurich when I was supposed to.  The best part of all this?  PeopleCheck have gone and made me look tardy, by saying I didn’t provide them with the information they needed soon enough.  I am 100% over dealing with PeopleCheck.

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"hiring entry level positions"


requirements: 10 years experience in space station repair, masters degree in ancient serbian civilizations, unmatched knowledge of silkworm breeding, full understanding of teleportation mechanics and physics

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